glazed brick tile: workshop by clé

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the best quality glazed brick tile? you only have to see our workshop collection to experience its simple integrity and superior...everything.

take a 40 year-old artisan studio filled with master glazemakers and tile craftsmen then ask them to create a glazed brick tile at the top of its game. along with an honest and recycled clay body, our artisans high fire in small batches, finishing each brick tile with abundant layers of hand-ground glazes. but they're not just good-looking, they can also weather any storm. one of the only glazed bricks that can boast freeze-thaw compatibility. sounds technical, but it's important!

availble in two right-on color palettes; liberty & new california, and now, also available in our simple ceramics glazes, that's about a zillion colors (well, if a zillion means 100). please be sure to enjoy all our glazes that vary, beautifully.

so when your glazed brick tile project matters, workshop is a testament to tile making dexterity.

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